Who We Are

Host2Host is a membership-based, non-profit 501(c)6 trade association. We seek to protect, educate, and enhance the interests of the short-term rental host community.

We are hosts. Just like you, we welcome guests from all over the world in our homes, apartments, ADU's and vacation rental properties where jurisdictions permit the use.

Host2Host recognizes that the short-term rental phenomenon has social consequences. Our members seek to operate their short-term rental businesses in a manner that adds value not just to the individual bottom line, but to the community as well.

When did Host2Host form?

Five members of our Host2Host Conference Committee huddled one day early in the Spring of 2017 to envision how the Oregon short-term rental host community might be sustainably served with a consistent voice. In September 2017 Host2Host was registered in the State of Oregon as a non-profit trade association.

Who can be a member of Host2Host?

Anybody can become a member of Host2Host. We are focused on serving as a unified voice for Oregon’s short-term rental host community. We also promote connecting hosts with local small businesses.  Hosts outside of Oregon may join for the access to our online educational events, resources and business directory.

Portland-focused or nationwide advocacy?

In the immediate term, Host2Host is primarily focused on Portland regulatory policy and permit matters. As time and resources permit, we hope to expand our reach.

How is Host2Host organized?

We are organized in committees operating under a Board of Directors with the help of an Executive Assistant. Committees include: Advocacy, Community, and Education.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

Host2Host is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. We believe that Host2Host plays a key role to promote safe, secure and welcoming experiences for each guest, regardless of race, ethnicity, country of origin, faith, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or gender identity. We expect the same from our members.

Host2Host Board of Directors

Dabney Tompkins - President

Dabney TompkinsDabney hosts the Fire Lookout in Tiller, Oregon.  

Dabney is a founding member of Host2Host, a member of the Executive Committee and currently serves as bookkeeper.

Dabney has served on the board since its founding, holding all the Executive positions: Treasurer in 2018-19, Secretary in 2020, President Elect in 2021 and 2022-3 President. Dabney also crafted Host2Host's by-laws and is our resident Robert's Rules of Order expert. 

Contact Dabney

Becky Burnett - Secretary/Treasurer & Travel Portland Board Member

Becky BurnettBecky is co-owner of Ruby Jewel Ice Cream and hosts and co-hosts in North Portland. 

Currently Secretary/Treasurer of the Board of Directors, Becky is a Host2Host Charter Member and a member of the Community & Education Committees.

Becky joined the Travel Portland Board of Directors beginning in 2022. A short-term rental host, co-host and business owner herself, Becky is uniquely qualified to represent Host2Host and all short-term rental hosts in the Portland area.

Directors at Large

Laura Angyus

Laura AngyusLaura hosts in NW Portland and Welches, Oregon. 

Laura joined the Host2Host Board of Directors in 2022 and is serving a two-year term through 2023.

A real estate agent with (W)here Real Estate, Laura is also a Host2Host Charter Member and is instrumental in the creation and execution of Host2Host's developmental and fundraising activities.

Kim Fitzpatrick

Kim Fitzpatrick joined Host2Host in 2019 and has become indispensible, providing guidance to fellow hosts in our frequent coffee conversation meetups. She is a proud member of the Host2Host Board of Directors for 2023-4.

An expert with STRSource, Kim built a short term rental portfolio across the country that allowed her to quit her W2 job and pursue an inspired life worth living!

Diana Gladden

Diana GladdenDiana was born and raised in a very successful Bed & Breakfast that her family owned and operated. She learned at an early age what it takes to provide exceptional guest service and how to prioritize a
business and family concurrently. Building upon these skills, she has had opportunities to strengthen her knowledge in hospitality and Human Resources.

Diana is proud to join the Host2Host Board of Directors for 2023-4.

Anthony Rallo

Anthony owns A+W Projects with his wife and business partner, Whitney. Together they are creating unique STR properties around the US from their home in Brooklyn, NY. Anthony is a fan of technology, entrepreneurship, hospitality and real-estate. He is also passionate about philanthropy and sits on multiple not-for profit boards including Generation Harvest, for City Harvest.

Anthony joined the Host2Host Board of Directors in 2022 and is serving a two-year term through 2023. He is a member of the Education Committee. 

Kate Simer

Kate Simer with DescansaKate Simer is a licensed property manager and the founding CEO of Descansa Property Management. She got her start in hospitality by working at her family's international youth hostel in California. From there, she lived in Barcelona from 2002-2013 where she managed 100+ short and long term properties for a local agency.

Besides offering stellar service to Descansa clients and guests, Kate also owns a storefront in the St Johns neighborhood where she and her husband, Keith, run La Paloma Gift Store + Event Space and 3 Tracks Music. Kate is the proud mama of Fritz who currently likes dinosaurs, bicycles and photo booths. 

Kate has been a member of Host2Host since 2018 and is delighted to serve on the Board of Directors for 2023-4.

Ryan Tigner - Travel Portland Board Member

Ryan TignerRyan is a co-owner of  iTrip Vacations Portland, a short term rental management company.

Ryan joined the board in 2020, served as Treasurer in 2021 and renewed his commitment in 2022 to serve as a Member At Large through 2023.

Ryan is a member of the Advocacy Committee. In July 2022, Ryan also joined the Travel Portland Board of Directors representing Short-Term Rental Property Managers.

Charity Kuahiwinui - Executive Assistant

Charity KuahiwinuiCharity was a long-time STR host in North Portland and charter member of Host2Host. She co-founded Ensourced in 2014, a company focused on improving the lives of short-term rental managers by offering guidance to new and experienced hosts.
Charity and her wife, Maylene, live in Portugal. So, while you aren’t likely to see Charity in person, she will be working behind the scenes to keep Host2Host running smoothly.

Emeritus Board Members

Debi Hertert - Founder & Past President

Debi Hertert

Co-founder of Hosting Your Home Podcast and Portland Area Airbnb Host Meet-up & hosts in SouthWest Portland & Seal Rock, Oregon.

Debi is the founder of Host2Host and is a member of the Advocacy, Community & Education Committees.

Debi served as Host2Host's first President in 2018-19 and Immediate Past President in 2020. She is Host2Host's Outreach Ambassador.

Rob Hertert - Founder & Past President

Co-founder of Hosting Your Home Podcast & STR host Rob Hertertin Southwest Portland & Seal Rock, Oregon

Rob is a co-founder of Host2Host. He served as President in 2021, President Elect in 2020 and Secretary in 2018-19.

Rob is a member of the Advocacy Committee and the Community Committee. 

Alan Colley - Past President

Alan co-hosts the Fire Lookout in Tiller, Oregon.

Alan is a founding member of Host2Host. He is also editor and contributing writer to the Host2Host newsletter and blog.

Alan served as the Immediate Past President in 2021, President in 2020 and President Elect from 2018-19.

Jill Palamountain - Former Executive Director

Jill PalamountainJill hosts in Northeast Portland.

A founding member of Host2Host, she is Host2Host's former Executive Director and laid a solid foundation for the organization.

We Need Your Help!

It takes a lot of hands to grow this big idea. Become involved in creating the Host2Host community. Please join one of our committees:

  • The Advocacy Committee is focused on advocating on behalf of hosts. We recognize that regional, county and statewide issues impact our business. 
  • The Community Committee is responsible for strengthening bonds between members and providing guidelines on developmental best practices.
  • The Education Committee hosts Meetups, curates research and white papers relevant to hosting, and coordinates special events for H2H membership
Join Us! Send an email to: info@host2host.org
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