Who We Are

Who is Host2Host?

Host2Host is an Oregon-registered, membership-based, non-profit 501(c)6 trade association. We seek to protect and enhance the interests of Oregon’s homesharing host community.

We are hosts. Just like you, we welcome guests from all over the world in our homes, apartments, ADU's and vacation rental properties where jurisdictions permit the use.

Host2Host recognizes that the short-term rental phenomenon has social consequences. Our members seek to operate their homesharing businesses in a manner that adds value not just to the individual bottom line, but to the community as well.

Who is a member of Host2Host?

Anybody can become a member of Host2Host. We are focused on serving as a unified voice for Oregon’s homesharing host community. We also promote connecting hosts with local small businesses.  Hosts outside of Oregon may join for the access to our on-line educational resources and business directory.

Portland-focused or statewide advocacy?

In the immediate term, Host2Host is primarily focused on Portland regulatory policy and permit matters. As time and resources permit, we expect to expand our reach.

How is Host2Host organized?

We are organized in committees operating under a five-member Executive Committee. Current operating committees are Advocacy, Education, Communication, Membership. We anticipate new committees will be formed as we grow.

Host2Host Board of Directors

Rob & Debi Hertert

Hosting Your Home and Home Share PDX Meet-up Founders, Hosts in SW Portland & Seal Rock, Or

Members of the Executive Committee. Debi leads the Education committee. Rob leads the Advocacy & Tech committees. And they sit on most every other committee.

Dabney Tompkins & Alan Colley

Hosts of the Fire Lookout in Tiller, Oregon.

Members of the Executive Committee. Dabney leads the Finance & Nominating committees. Alan leads the Communication team and its many branches.

Pamela Perry

Host in North Portland

Treasurer Elect. Member of the Executive and Communication Committees and is our Coast to Coast Facebook group administrator.

Rachel Harris & Bob McCoy

Hosts in SW Portland  

Rachel is a member of the Nominating and Membership Committees, New Member Welcome Wagon and Volunteer Coordinator.

Tamara Koedoot

Host in SE Portland  

Tamara  is a new board member and along with Ryan Tigner is heading up our new business outreach program. Tamara is also a member of the Membership Committee and helped create an amazing HostFest. 

Ryan Tigner

Hosts in SW Portland and Beaverton.

Ryan Tigner (that's him on the right) and Cory Tigner (on the left), together they own iTrip Vacations Portland, a short term rental management company.

Ryan is one of our newest Board Members and looks forward to finding his role on the team.

Executive Committee

Five members of our Host2Host Conference Committee huddled one day early in the Spring of 2017 to envision how the Oregon host community might be sustainably served with a consistent voice. In September 2017 Host2Host was registered in the State of Oregon as a non-profit trade association.

​Current members of the Executive Committee:

     Debi Hertert, Chair

     Alan Colley, Vice-Chair

     Rob Hertert, Secretary

     Dabney Tompkins, Treasurer

     Pamela Perry, Treasurer Elect

     Jill  Palamountain, Executive Director

Jill Palamountain

Host and Co-Host in NE Portland

Executive Director. Member of the Executive Committee. Jill leads the Membership Committee And is a member of the Communication Committee, Website Refresh Task Force and produces the Host2Host Newsletter.

We Need Your Help

It takes a lot of hands to launch this big idea. Be involved in creating the first Host2Host community. Please join one of our committees:

  • The Advocacy Committee is focused on working with the regulations proposed by the City of Portland. We recognize that regional, county and statewide issues also impact our work as hosts. This committee also will work with listing platforms to represent the host point of view.
  • The Communication Team works to tell your stories. It aims speak to the host community about the work of Host2Host. Our focus is to give you, the host, information you need, in ways you need it, to provide superior service to your guests however you choose to reach them.
  • The Education Committee develops the curriculum for H2H University, hosts Meetups, curates research and white papers relevant to hosting, and coordinates special events for the H2H membership.
  • The Finance Team is charged with keeping H2H budgets and funds.
  • The Membership Committee is responsible for defining member qualifications, categories and dues, as well as the mechanics of managing the membership database, and engagement and retention.
Join Us! Contact any team lead or send an email to: info@host2host.org.
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