Sponsorship Opportunities

Host2Host Sponsorships come in three varieties. Pick the one that makes the most sense for your business and no matter which one you pick, you'll have our sincere gratitude!

  • Major Sponsor
  • Event Sponsor
  • Meetup Sponsor

Major Sponsor

Major Sponsor adSometimes you just have to GO BIG! Become a major sponsor of Host2Host today!

Benefits include:

  • Receive FREE annual membership at the Business Affiliate level 
  • Advertising bundle of your choice (includes Presenting Event)
  • Guarantee your business logo resides on the Host2Host home page as a major sponsor, including a link to your website

Click on the link below to buy a Major Sponsorship or contact Host2Host for more information.

Event Sponsor

Presenting Event SponsorDo you want the chance to connect with seriously engaged members of the our community? Your event will be advertised for a month in advance via our website, email outreach and newsletter - you can't buy this kind of exposure! Well, you can but it does require Host2Host membership, and that gets you a 25% discount!

Benefits include:

    • All the benefits of a Business Affiliate membership, plus
    • A dedicated, hour-long event targeted solely on your business and your topic
    • At least 30 minutes to present your business to Host2Host Members and guests, with additional time for Q&A
    • With your sponsorship, the event is free for all hosts to attend so a positive turnout is almost guaranteed
Host2Host event marketing:
    • Invitations to 20,000 subscribers and social media community via the Host2Host newsletter and social media posts. You are also encouraged to invite your community, of course.
    • Post event - a post-event write-up will be posted to Host2Host blog and shared in the Host2Host newsletter and on social media. 
    • All online marketing will include a link back to your business website
    • The event will be recorded, shared with participants, and posted to Youtube for broader audience visibility
    • Your business logo will reside on the Host2Host home page as a sponsor with a link back to your website
Click on the link below to buy become an Event Sponsor or contact Host2Host for more information.

Meetup Sponsor

Meetup SponsorSponsor a virtual meet-up. Our hosts love connecting online and learning about ways to up-level their hosting experience.

Benefits include:

  • Your business will be mentioned as the meet-up sponsor in all the event marketing details including invitations to 20,000 subscribers and our social media community
  • All marketing materials will include your logo graphic, a brief byline and your preferred URL link
  • You'll have a few minutes to speak at the event to attendees about your business, your special offer, or whatever else you think our hosts might like to hear about

Purchase a Meetup Sponsorship below or contact Host2Host for more information.

Purchase your preferred Sponsorship below or contact Host2Host for more information.

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