Event Report: Breezeway Sponsored Event, January 26

Fri, February 05, 2021 4:01 PM | Jill Palamountain (Administrator)

Submitted by Debi Hertert, Host2Host Founder and member of the Business Outreach Committee.

We held our first sponsored event with Breezeway on Tuesday night, with Justin Ford presenting via Zoom.  Our Business Outreach Committee Chair, Ryan Tigner, introduced Justin to our group of hosts.  

Justin is the driving force behind Breezeway’s Safety Program.  Safety is a huge issue for our short-term rentals.  Justin pointed out a number of ways that hosts fail to protect themselves and their guests from accidents and possible litigation.  Some of his examples were of BBQs catching houses on fire, homes lacking proper railings on stairs, and a lack of mounted or expired fire extinguishers.

Breezeway offers a safety program which involves a host using an app that walks them through specific safety questions about their property.  Based on the answers, if the property is already at passing level, a certificate will be issued.  If repairs are made and the host goes through the process again, they will still receive the certificate.  Justin pointed out that not only will your property be safer for your guests, but you would also be more protected legally in that you had proactively gone through the certification process. In addition, Proper Insurance offers a 5% discount for hosts with the Breezeway certification.

Justin offered Breezeway’s two certification programs free of charge to our event attendees. 

  1. Self-Safety Certification Report, valued at $69, is currently a free-to-download app. 
  2. Short-Term Rental Safety Inspector Course (STRSI), valued at $500, was offered free to the first 15 hosts to sign-up. This program is for people who want to become inspectors and earn money doing it. If you missed the free offer, Host2Host members can take the course for $100. Use the promo code found on Breezeway's member profile.

Host2Host members can find similar offers by looking up Breezeway up on our H2H member’s site.  And can view the event recording here

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