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Lorell Miller

Lorell joined the Facebook and Meetup groups a full year before her ADU was ready to publicize and rent. She’s attended most of the meetups and participates freely on the Facebook group with both questions and suggestions for newbies. She's got a warm heart and shares freely.

Why did you become a host, and why have you remained a host?

"We built an accessory dwelling unit in our back yard to give us some extra income potential. Initially, we thought we would rent to long term renters. After exploring the short-term rental concept and meeting with other hosts (through the meetups) we were excited to try it."

What have you learned about yourself and your guests in the process?

"We loved the community and looked forward to meeting guests from all over. We are enjoying homesharing and we love meeting our guests."

What about hosting has surprised you, and how has that shaped your experiences going forward with guests?

"Honestly, I didn’t expect to worry so much about the guest experience. But we’ve gotten in a good groove with what we offer and I feel confident that we offer a great experience and our reviews show it."

What are your thoughts on the benefits of an organization of like minded folks coming together across listing platforms to provide support, education, and advocacy for hosts in their own businesses, as well as with municipal policies and requirements?

“Sharing of knowledge and experiences is so great. I like that I'm to a point where I can help others, too!"

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